Why Running

The City Council has failed to protect resident’s cost of living, public safety and suburban lifestyle by granting hundreds of millions in tax abatements for the development of neighborhood killing high-rise apartments and mixed-use developments.

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Tax Incentives and Development

A top ranked place in which to live nationally, Overland Park will attract plenty of new development by maintaining public safety and infrastructure without wasting hundreds of millions of dollars in tax incentives. Tax incentives erode the tax base and shift the tax burden onto the backs of homeowners.  Tax incentives should be reserved to rehabilitate distressed properties not run of the mill high-rise apartments and mixed-use developments.

Police & Fire Department Funding

I will prioritize safe neighborhoods and schools with fully funded police and fire departments to provide the highest standards of training and officer retention.

Protect Neighborhoods from High Density Development

Most residents moved to OP for its great schools, low taxes and quiet suburban lifestyle.  I will protect residential neighborhoods from the ONSLAUGHT of high-rise, high-density apartments and mixed-use developments currently favored by the City Council.


Providing excellent streets and infrastructure that enhance the safety of residents should be paramount in the minds of our elected officials.  Chip-seal maintenance of streets is a cost vs. benefit issue. The city claims its data justifies the use of chip-seal; however, it has failed to convince residents.  Chip-seal is disliked and local municipalities are transitioning away from it.  It is time for Overland Park to complete an independent cost vs. benefit analysis of its use and seriously address transitioning away from chip-seal.

Highway 69 Toll Lane

The agreement to pay KDOT $20 million dollars in tolls for improvements to U.S. Highway 69 which were already paid for was a mistake and must be RE-NEGOTIATED.  As the most heavily travelled 4 lane highway in Kansas, KDOT should give the improvements the priority they deserve and complete them in a timely manner without a toll lane.  Funding is available in National Highway Trust fund and State transportation funds for these improvements.

Oppose Tax Increase

From 1997-2020, OP Property Taxes increased 319.8%, inflation increased 53% and population increased 46.1%.1  New spending should be funded by reprioritizing the budget where possible.

Why Roger is The Best Choice

Your Neighbor

Roger grew up in Johnson County and has lived in Ward 2 over 20 years. 

Roger’s opponent has lived in OP 10 years of less.


Roger – Baker University, Washburn Law School, Kansas. 

George Washington University, Washington, D.C.


Roger retired after 30-year career as Assistant County Counselor with Johnson County Government. 

Roger’s opponent is self-employed former employee of liberal California Congressman Henry Waxman. 2

Political Aspirations

Roger, City Council


Past Political Experience

Roger ran for City Council in 2019.  

Roger’s opponent was College Outreach Director for Generation Dean, Youth Sector, Howard Dean for America Movement.3

Campaign Funds Raised thru July 22

Roger has raised $1,420., 0% from out of state donors. 

$20,389., 38% from out of state donors.

High Density Development

In 2020, Roger led successful neighborhood opposition to rezoning of Ranch Mart South for high-rise apartment building. 

Roger’s opponent did not speak out against the Ranch Mart South Rezoning proposal.

Needless Tax Giveaways to Big Developers

In 2019, Roger spoke out against $200 million in tax incentives for Brookridge Golf Course Development at the public hearing. 

Roger’s opponent did not speak out against tax incentives for the Brookridge Golf Course Development at the public hearing and praised its environmental sustainability.4